My first book launch


26 October, 2007

Despite my fervent pleas to the powers that be for time to move slower the launch took place last night at the Neighbourhood Bar in Long street. NB Publishers / Human and Rousseau really went all out on the event and there was a fantastic turnout. I’m not a public speaker by any means so after a week of sheer terror at the prospect of speaking in front of a large crowd I promptly forgot everything that I was going say as soon as my hand clutched the microphone. I know that I said something as people applauded at the end but I’d rather not think about it. I’m sure that I used the word “um” about five times.

The launch was the culmination of four years of hard work, excitement, and unadulterated mayhem. I think the truth of what I have been denying myself all this time finally hit home and that is that my life-long dream of becoming a writer has finally come true. For that to happen in my twenties is astounding and quite a big revelation for my brain to handle, I can almost compare it to looking directly into the sun. Not dwelling on it for too long seems to be the best way to cope it with.

It was good to see Derrick again, as cool and confident as ever. That man was born for the spotlight, a fact reflected in his speech which was a winner with the crowd. I fell instantly in love with Marthinus as soon as I met him. He is one of the most amazing people that I have ever encountered, he was so open and honest. I didn’t get a chance to chat to Brigette as there were far too many people that I had to chat to and an onslaught of books to sign. Marion of course, was in Taiwan but I did meet his mother who seemed very proud of her son. My editor Amanda was a hoot as always, she’s so great. I hope to work with her in the future again, if you can call what we do work. As she says, we make a great team.

I was quite surprised at how many people came out to support me; my father came out which was very special, as did my cousin and her son. A goodly portion of the Cape Town goth community came out, and even though we were given a bit of a wide berth by the rest of the crowd, I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.

It was a magical evening.

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