Behind-the-scenes of the Dark Poppy book trailer

28 April 2011

Book trailers are neat little things. They’re like film trailers, except instead of trying to get audiences excited about upcoming films based on novels, they showcase the novels themselves.

For my upcoming book, Dark Poppy’s Demise I called up girl power director extraordinaire, Kirby Kruger, to help me out with a trailer.

We had the same actress in mind for the role, teen jaw-dropper Kale Tyler. Kale loved my second novel Fuse, and jumped at the opportunity to be involved in the trailer for the new one. Just like the protagonist for the novel, Jenna Brooks, Kale is a photographer so it was a perfect match!

Dark Poppy’s Demise is about a girl who meets the wrong type of guy online. We all the know the dangers of online dating. Hopefully this thrilling tale will make a few girls think twice before meeting the real person behind the screen.

Watch the trailer here.

Here are some pics from the shoot taken by Jessica Novotna.

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