Bloody Parchment, The Root Cellar and other stories

Every year around Halloween the Book Lounge is taken over by hideous fiends who come out the shadows to share bloodcurdling stories of horror and macabre.

The event is Bloody Parchment, the brainchild of horror writer Nerine Dorman, which forms part of Horrorfest.

I take part every year. What can I say? I love dressing up (…and horror stories, and horror-themed food and and and…)

Bloody Parchment has released three anthologies to coincide with its popular short story competition and Book Lounge event. I’ve contributed stories to volume one and volume three, which was released in June this year.

You can read my short story Apartment 415 from the first volume here.

(Don’t click if the idea of dead roommates causes sudden eruptions of goosebumps. Do click if you’ve ever wondered what living with a ghost would be like.)

Volume three in the series, Bloody Parchment, The Root Cellar and other stories, features terrifying short stories by myself, Diane Awerbuck, Chris Limb, Toby Bennet, Icy Sedgwick and others.

If you love horror stories with a local twist, you’ll love this collection.

My story Jethro Mackenzie and the Devil is about a conspiracy theorist blogger who has a conversation with the devil.

Intrigued? Get it for Kindle here.

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