Quotes from Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges comprises six chapters written from six different perspectives. Here are a few quotes that capture the mood of some of these chapters.


From The Sadness of V

I pick the petals from a white rose and think about turning around and going home. I haven’t spoken to Ashley since that weekend. Why would she care if I need someone to talk to? She has her own life, her own problems. She’ll probably think I’m pathetic, showing up on her doorstep, wet and miserable.
I’m about to go when the front door opens and Adam comes out, carrying a box of tools. He does a little double take when he sees me. I’m sure the sudden appearance of a drenched and bedraggled teenager in the front yard would give anyone a fright.
“Can I help you?”
For a second I’m not sure what to say. I stare at the crushed petals in my hand and slowly let them fall to the ground.


From The Death of Demetria Crowley

Happy, laughing faces swim past me on the way to the main stage. I don’t want to go there. The music is too loud and fierce. It frightens me. Fairy lights illuminate the pathways back to the campsite. I stumble towards the path that looks the most familiar, ignoring the pull of the music behind me. Someone grabs me and spins me around in a circle. When they let go, I’m left disorientated, unsure which way is forward. Every direction looks the same.


From James the unspeakable

The train smells like p*** and stale sweat. It’s worse than usual because the rain has made the compartment warm and stuffy. I can’t breathe, so I concentrate on the world outside the tiny graffitied window. There’s a dark cloud hanging low over Table Mountain that makes it seem later than it really is.


From Damian goes insane

I tumble over and over, till the force of the deluge carries me away, out the door and into the passage. Photos of my family tumble from the wall and are swallowed by the sea. Her mouth opens and closes as she calls my name, but I’m already out of reach.

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