Sharp Edges goes to Jozi

19 September 2013.

I have just arrived back from a whirlwind publicity tour of Joburg. In one sentence – it was hot, exhilarating and awesome.

We held a little shindig for Sharp Edges at 54 on Bath’s Champagne Bar. It was wonderful to put faces to so many familiar names and to catch up with friends I only ever get to see at literary festivals. I spent so much time chatting that we ended up leaving long after the sun went down.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support me.

I also paid a visit to the gorgeous Love Books in Melville. It was wonderful to meet Kate and the team and sign a few copies of Sharp Edges for the store. The rest of the afternoon zoomed by in a haze of photo shoots and interviews, but we still found time to check out The Blackanese sushi restaurant in Maboneng Precinct (which is awesome!) before rushing to the airport to catch our flight.

I really love the energy and vibrancy of Johannesburg, which was experiencing a heat wave while we were there. It felt like stepping into a brief pocket of summer before returning to freezing-cold Cape Town.

Here’s a collage of my favourite memories taken on my phone.


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