Mine hits the glossies

This morning I had a pinch-me moment. The May edition of Fair Lady magazine hit newsstands featuring a four-page profile of yours truly and a photo of the cutest squirrel in the world.

The photo was taken on the bench where Fin and Kayla had their first date. How cute is that squirrel?


Being profiled in Fair Lady is a big deal for me. I’ve been reading the magazine for years and years and years. That and the You magazine, which also featured a full-page interview last week. (The first thing I did was let my dad know.)

The last time I was featured in You magazine, I was reading about my own I-am-a-writer competition win while sitting on the bus on the way to work.

Now that was a pinch-me moment.

Mine has been getting the most amazing reviews and I’m so grateful to everyone who read the book and have been so willing to tell other people about it.

I posted a video after The Sunday Times and Cape Times published their reviews but so much has happened since, so I thought I’d post a quick update.

To sum up the last month:

Marie Claire featured a review in their April edition and included Mine in their list of books to keep you company this winter.

Also very cool – Parent 24 included Mine in their article on books to help teens who feel misunderstood.

Mango’s in-flight magazine, Juice, also featured an interview in their April edition.

Other interviews spotted online:

This is Aerodrome



Plus how amazing are these bookstagrams?

Once again, my sincerest thank you to everyone who opened their heart to this book. You are all amazing.

Buy your copy now:

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