LEGO book review: Return to Fear Street

When it comes to my favourite things from childhood, R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps and Fear Street novels are right up there with Monster Munch, Gatti Jelly Jolly and Rainbow Brite.

Those quick, sharp reads ticked all the boxes for me: murder, twists, and a good scare or two. I had towers of Stine books in my room alongside others by Christopher Pike and L.J. Smith.

His latest book ticks all the same boxes.

Return to Fear Street, You May Now Kill the Bride marks the return of the Fear Street novels and features a cool retro cover reminiscent of the old series, faux damage and all.

Hardcore Stine fans are well catered for with teenage sorcerers, old curses and plenty of twists and turns.

The book kicks off in 1924, where two rival sisters learn just how serious the curse that haunts the Fear family really is. Fast forward to the present and their descendants are about to experience the horror for themselves.

Harmony Fear is an angry young woman who uses magic to take out her frustration on the world. Her older sister Marissa, about to be married, refuses to speak to her or involve her in the wedding. After sabotaging the rehearsal dinner, Harmony tries to make amends only to realise it’s too late. The old Fear family curse has returned, along with some skeletons from the past looking for revenge.

I took this book along with me on holiday and gave up a day at the beach to read it. And guess what? I didn’t mind at all. I enjoyed the fast pace and the way the novel effortlessly switched between past and the present. The section set in 1924 hooked me completely. I was actually a little disappointed that the rest of the book took place in the present, but I liked that Harmony was quite a flawed character and a little all over the place. I found her really relatable and it gave the book a modern feel.

So, if you’re looking for a weekend escape or some nineties nostalgia, this one is for you.

Return to Fear Street

Note: I didn’t drop the book in the ocean, those tears and folds are part of the book cover design!

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