Oh my glob

13 May 2014


Ours is a geeky household, as evidenced by the Funko Pop! figures in our kitchen, because there is just nowhere else to put them.

We attend Free Comic Book Day at Reader’s Den every year, which is the one day a year local comic book fans get to dress up. Warren and I didn’t dress up last year, or the year before, so as we walked away with armfuls of comics and collectibles, I made a decision to give it a go in 2014.

So in the spirit of good fun, my friend Tammy and I decided to dress up as Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.

We’re not serious cosplayers by any means, so huge respect to those who went all out. Our costumes were essentially wigs and DIY headpieces, but the point was to enjoy ourselves and be part of something awesome. And trust me, it was really awesome.

Free Comic Book Day is something to behold. Reader’s Den basically takes over the entire Stadium on Main for a full day of geeky splendour. There’s giveaways, a cosplay competition, an exhibition, stalls, comic book artists and hundreds of people walking around as their favourite characters. Oh, and there’s free comics.

We spotted loads of bookish folks in-between the super heroes and villains. (Newsflash: Efemia Chela is a huge Star Wars fan and short-story writer Nathan Trantraal has released several graphic novels with his brother André)

If you haven’t experienced Free Comic Book Day yet, then you’re missing out on lots of fun.


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