The beauty of a signed book

A launch isn’t really a launch unless you leave with a signed book tucked lovingly under your arm.

I’ve collected my fair share of signed novels over the years; although not nearly enough. I like to keep them all together on the top shelf, regardless of genre or size, creating a colourful jumble of memories.

Books come and go out of the flat, whether it’s because I’ve loaned them to friends or donated them to schools or charities (Nazareth House in Cape Town is always looking for second-hand books to sell at their annual charity sale). But my signed book shelf has pride of place. It’s a work in progress. Always growing, changing, spilling onto other shelves.

Sadly once I’ve read a book I’ll probably only take it down when I’m dusting or re-arranging. I had to come up with a different way to enjoy my collection.

So I decided to photograph them.

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