Celebrating Agatha Christie with LEGO

If this is the first time you’ve found yourself reading my blog, here are two important pieces of information:
1. I love LEGO.
2. I’m probably the biggest Agatha Christie fan in South Africa.

Right, now that we’ve got that out the way.

I’ve been re-imagining my favourite books and films with LEGO for about six years (maybe seven). Naturally, many of these have focused on Agatha Christie. (If you’re curious about what’s behind my old-fashioned obsession, you can read this blog on the subject.)

I thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate this prolific crime writer in the month of her death with all the little vignettes I’ve made about her work to date.


Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express LEGO

Halloween Party

Halloween Party LEGO

Closed Casket (a Sophie Hannah Poirot mystery)

Closed Casket LEGOCrooked House

Crooked House LEGO

Evil Under the Sun

Evil under the sun LEGO

Death on the Nile (I)

Death on the Nile Lego 1

Death on the Nile (II)

Death on the Nile LEGO 2

And Then There Were None 

And then there were none LEGO

The Mystery of the Blue Train

The Mystery of the Blue Train

Sometimes I make LEGO stories for other people. Here are a few cover re-imaginings I created for the Hodderscape blog.




Which Agatha Christie would you like to see recreated with LEGO?

See more of my LEGO stories on Tumblr. 

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