Read an excerpt from Sea Star Summer

I just received the best Friday surprise. The Sunday Times Books section has chosen an excerpt from Sea Star Summer for their Fiction Friday segment!

The clouds are gathering ominously, and the air is tensed for rain. When I reach the rocks where the fishermen usually stand, the first clap of thunder rumbles above me, followed quickly by a bright stab of lightning.

Panic shoots through me. What if I get struck by lightning? I whip my head around, searching for shelter, but there is nowhere to hide and nothing between me and the sea.

I pick up the pace as the sky shouts and rages above me. Not Poseidon this time but Zeus. Or as Daniel would say, Jupiter.

I smile at my own joke, and before I know it, I’m laughing. It breaks the spell of fear.

I stretch out my arms and spin on the spot, marvelling at how bright the sky looks through the cracks in the dark clouds and how different and brilliant the storms are here compared to Cape Town’s dull downpours. I dance in circles, feeling the cold sand slide between my toes and the air lift my hair with invisible fingers.

I have never seen the sky so illuminated, as if everything I’ve read about the old gods was real after all. The air is electric. I imagine them warring up there, gigantic and raging. The thunder booms again. I change course towards the caravan park to find Elize.

Read the whole excerpt here.

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Date: 28 April 2020

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