2021 Titles Now Available

It feels strange to release books in the middle of a global pandemic, yet somehow I have four out this year, and they’re all available in September.

Skerwe, the Afrikaans version of Sharp Edges translated by Zelda Bezuidenhout was released earlier this year and is available practically everywhere.

Wie het Demi Crowley vermoor? Ses vriende woon ‘n musiekfees in die Cederberg by. Net vyf kom terug. Vir haar sewentiende verjaarsdag nooi Demi Crowley haar vyf beste vriende saam met haar na ‘n musiekfees vir die partytjie van die dekade. Maar wat veronderstel was om die beste nag van hulle lewens te wees, verander in ‘n nagmerrie wat nie een van hulle ooit sal vergeet nie. Skerwe is ‘n holderstebolder, wegholverhaal oor liefde, verlies en vriendskap wat jou lank gaan bybly.

Buy it here:
Exclusive Books
Graffiti Books

I also have stories in two anthologies, out right now. The first is Die Meisie Met Uitroeptekens In Haar Oë & Ander Stories, an Afrikaans anthology featuring well-known local authors like Jaco Jacobs, Zelda Bezuidenhout, Refiloe Moahloli, Cliffordene Norton, and Mercy Kannemeyer.

Buy it here:
Exclusive Books
Graffiti Books

The second anthology, Going Wild and Other Stories features some stellar writers, including Qarnita Loxton, Elinor Sisulu, Sindiwe Magona, Lauren Beukes, Lester Walbrugh, Siphiwo Mahala, Thabiso Mofokeng, Fiona Snyckers, Bonthle Senne, and Diane Awerbuck.

It hits shelves this month.

Finally, what I can only describe as a true passion project, The Girl Who Chased Otters, has been years in the making, and will finally be published in September. I’ll update this post with links of where to buy the book once stores receive stock.

The story is narrated by Nathan who is on the spectrum. I wanted to write a novel based on my own experiences and worldview. I also share certain experiences with Olivia, the other protagonist – and these experiences are not always pretty, which is why the book comes with a content warning for sensitive readers. It took me many years to fully accept myself, with all my social awkwardness and feeling of “otherness”, and to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to explore all of this through the medium of fiction, not only to help myself come to terms with a difficult adolescence, but to also help others who might be living through a similar reality themselves.

I started writing this book in 2013, and its gone through many, many transformations since then, including a German version called Twee Herzen Im Goldfischglas published in 2016. I hope my passion and love for this story translates through the pages. I can’t wait to finally hold a copy in my hands.

Pre-order it now.

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