Where To Eat In Jeffrey’s Bay

I am back in my favourite beach town, this time during the coldest part of winter in the middle of a global pandemic. Sounds like a terrible idea right? Thankfully I’m now fully vaccinated, its the first time I’ve left the house in months, and I never go anywhere unmasked. Most importantly, after three disastrous attempts to eat at restaurants in Cape Town during the last year I have officially given up eating out till this virus is officially obliterated from this planet.

But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t order in right?

There are several restaurants in Jeffrey’s Bay I always return to. In fact, some of the food is so good these eateries often become my first stop. Here are some of my must-visits, even during adverse conditions.

Kitchen Windows

Affordable fine dining right on the beach. Their mussels are a firm favorite and I always, always splurge on an oyster or four when I’m there. I have amazing memories of past romantic dinners here under the stars and I can’t wait to experience one again. (It might be the most romantic spot in JBay) Till then, a quick lunch in their spacious section has to do.


This little deli makes the best samoosas and cheesecake in the whole of the Eastern Cake. Everything is good, from the sandwiches and carrot cake to the artisan onion bread and jars of preserves. But the samoosas! During this trip, Infood became our padkos supplier of choice. And while I would have loved to sit down in their little outdoor section, nibbling on goodies in front of the ocean is perfect too. When it comes to Infood, its all about the food.


I love Ninas. Its quirky, their ice cream is amazing and they serve everything under the sun. I even mentioned their crazy menu in my novel Sea Star Summer! I was happy to discover they do takeaway sushi which I ate in bed while I finished some work. I’m definitely going to pop in for an ice cream to go before I leave.

The Bay Pasta Company

Remember the restaurant build around a tree in Sea Star Summer? It’s real, and they serve the best bacon and banana pizza I’ve ever had. It’s definitely next on my list of take-aways to order before I go.

Jack’s Bagels

The best bagels outside of Bree Stree, I kid you not. Their bagels are the perfect blend of soft and chewy and packed with delicious toppings without costing an arm and a leg. My favourites are the smoked salmon and cream cheese, the honey mustard chicken and avo, and the cream cheese frosting bagel with sprinkles.


Real Italian pizza and pasta (just don’t ask for extra cheese if its not mentioned on the menu!) The crispy calzone is especially good and bursting with sauce. Mmmm.


A quaint little restaurant specialising in pancakes and only pancakes. Sweet or savoury, overflowing with toppings and sauces and generous scoops of ice cream. This is my ultimate dessert spot in the whole of South Africa. Order the condensed milk coffee to go for a sweet kick.

Die Walskipper

A beach shack restaurant on the sand (literally). Enjoy moerkoffie in enamel cups and seekos with a sea view. I haven’t visited this time round, but I will definitely return at sunset one day to toast another amazing adventure by the sea. Hopefully by then we’ll all be able to kuier in safety.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in Jeffrey’s Bay? I’ve heard amazing things about the burgers at Brewhaha and the frozen blue margaritas at The Mexican are always good… maybe I should stay a little longer.

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