Photos from my recent visit to Jeffreys Bay

My new book comes out next month! And it’s set in my favourite place in the whole world – Jeffreys Bay, in the Eastern Cape. The Wild Child and I visit as many times as we can manage. Our current record is four road trips in one year.

We recently snuck away for an unplanned holiday in February. I was taking a much-needed break and he had some leave days available, so we thought, why not?

Jeffreys Bay is a coastal paradise where the sea is as warm as bathwater, the sky seems endless and the shoreline stretches on forever.

This time around it was like returning home. I’ve been editing and proofreading Sea Star Summer back and forth for months now, so it feels like I never really left.

As soon as we arrived everything was immediately familiar and I started seeing scenes from the book everywhere – the town road sign covered in surf stickers, Nina’s restaurant with its colourful everything-and-the-kitchen-sink menu (the sushi is great), the putt-putt course with its retro decor. And of course, the wooden steps leading to Dolphin Beach, which will now forever be known as Naomi’s steps.

But I’ll tell you more about Naomi and Elize closer to release date. I just know readers are going to love them.

Naomi's steps

Instead, here are some snapshots from my recent trip, my first visit during the February off-season.

JBay 2

JBay hagstone

JBay 3

JBay 4

JBay 5JBay 6Nina's


4 thoughts on “Photos from my recent visit to Jeffreys Bay

  1. Jeffrey’s Bay has been on my travel wish list for such a long time. Ever since I started watching World surf championship I grew to love the beautiful coastline! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


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